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. . The other answers above are correct.....who ever told you there were steps involved, clearly has no! Hell, you can if you so wish, mix regular, blend and synthetic from half a dozen different manufacturers together and use it, no problem. So, in short, yes, it is absolutely okay to switch from blend to full synthetic.

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Quote: As I was looking through some Maxlife Synthetic Specs and found that the 5W-30 also meets the ACEA 3 and also BMW LL-01 specifications. Also I have not been able to find a HTHS rating on the VMLS (valvoline maxlife synthetic). I suspect that the HTHS must be above 3.5 as that is what meets the LL-01 spec. So I want to change the oil my self in a 2019 2.7L Ecoboost and the owner's manual says use 5w-30 Synthetic Blend and I would rather use full synthetic and I wanted to know is there any cons to this? I've used Mobil 1 full synthetic in every vehicle I've driven and this is the first car that manufacturer recommends a blend which is kind of odd. .

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A bottle of conventional oil will cost about $40 on average while the cost of a full synthetic oil bottle is about $70. This might not seem like any big deal, but some people with tight budgets will count every dollar very closely. This $30 difference could determine whether they choose one over the other. . .

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a fully synthetic oil can be better than a semi which itself can be better than standard oil. However if it is value is a different story. A Rolls Royce & Lada will both take your kids to school and your kids will not learn any more regardless of which car they travel in. But one will cost a lot more to run than the other. cpurvis Lawn Addict. . .

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